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The "Need to Knows" & FAQs

Sunday Service - 10am

Our Sunday morning service begins at 10am, lasts about an hour and is followed by a social/coffee hour. Around the holidays, you'll often find special services at other times.

There's plentiful parking in the rear of the building on Long Hill Rd with a walkway leading back to the front of the church. You'll be welcomed by our Sunday morning greeters. We genuinely look forward to having you!

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Who is the Pastor?

Rev. Ray Kostulias joined FCC as an interim pastor in 2012 and was warmly welcomed as our settled pastor in early 2014. Ray comes from a theater background and has an absolutely fantastic ability to capture the spirit of our Lord through thought-provoking, entertaining sermons.

What to Expect at a Sunday Service

We're a classic New England church but we're absolutely not a stuffy one. We strive to provide a great mix of worship through prayer, through song and through discussion. You may find guest speakers. You'll definitely hear our choir. Our organist plays on a pipe organ originally built in 1872 and you'll have an opportunity to hear a world-class grand piano.

What About My Kids?

Our weekly Sunday School runs concurrently with our Church Service.  Following a brief children's sermon, in Church, our children leave the sanctuary for Sunday School classes from approximately 10:30 am  to 11:00 am.  Priscilla Bronke, Joan Soucy, and Cheryl Mayhew teach Sunday School , and are assisted by Ann Slater. 

How Else Can I Get Involved?

We'd love you to get involved any way that you'd like. We're a small congregation with a big heart. We have a number of organized programs to help serve the community - Programs such as the Andover Food Pantry. We have a number of groups, both formal and informal that meet to socialize and help each other embrace our faith.

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Address & Contact Info

andover church

359 Route 6
Andover, CT 06232

  (860) 742-7696

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The Hop River
Chamber Series

andover concerts

Since 1979, The Hop River Chamber Group has been gracing us with world class performers playing both classic and modern pieces

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Our Pre-Revolutionary History

First Congregational of Andover found its roots in 1747 with the forming of the Andover Ecclesiastical Society.

Upcoming Events

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