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November 5th - Calling all youth between the ages of 12 and 18

Please join us during coffee hour on Sunday, November 5th to share your thoughts on how the church can help you and how can you help your church. Maybe you’d like to be a greeter? Or read during the service? We look forward to meeting with you. Sue Ruggerio and Priscilla Bronke. 










office schedule changes

Rev. Ray will be away from Nov. 18 – 23. Phil Mayhew will be preaching on Sunday, Nov. 19.

Shirley will be out of the office beginning the week of Oct. 30 as she is getting fitted with a new hip (hip hip hooray!). Her date of return is undetermined at this point, however she anticipates being back beginning the week of Thanksgiving.




We will be selling decorated wreaths & sprays on Saturday, November 25th from 12 - 2:00 pm in the basement of the church & after church on Sunday, November 26th 11:00 - 11:30.
There is a sign up sheet in the basement of the church or if you would like to order or have any questions please call Shirley Brown at 860 649-3946.



Weekly & Monthly Activities  -  food pantry and supply Sunday

Supply Sunday Continues

Supply Sunday takes place on the last Sunday of each month. We ask people to bring a certain item once a month to help keep the church supplied with basics like paper goods, plastic wrap and the like. This helps to stretch our budget and keep the church supplied with the necessities. For the month of November, we are asking for toilet paper and sturdy, dinner-sized paper plates (no styrofoam, please!).

Food Pantry

The food pantry hours are held on Monday evenings (5-7pm). There are additional hours for Senior Citizens at 9 am on the following Wednesdays in November: 8 & 22. Your donations can be left in the box in the foyer leading into the Parish Hall. To find out what items are needed for the food pantry, or to arrange another time to access the food pantry, please talk with Joan Soucy (860) 208-3226. Food Pantry needs for the month are:

Nov. 5 soap, shampoo, toothpaste, dish soap         Nov. 12 toilet paper, paper towels, Kleenex

Nov. 19 juice, canned fruits and vegetables              Nov. 26 canned meat and tuna canned meat and tuna

Pet Food is always appreciated 

Future Events



Winter Craft Fair 

 Our fair is shaping up and we are finalizing our projects. We have two spaces rented out and have a few more openings. If you are a crafter and are interested in selling at the fair please email Cathy Campen at campenkid@yahoo.com and you can send a check to Andover Congregational Church. We will finalize booth rental on Nov. 16th.

Our crafters have been busy at home as well as at the monthly meetings we’ve held at the church. We have crocheted and knitted items (kitchen, baby, wine caddy, scarves and hats to name a few), lovely quilted table runners, coasters, dog & cat toys/treats, baked good fixin’s in a jar.

Raffle tickets are available via Cathy Campen. Each ticket is $2 or a book (10) for $20. It is our wish that you purchase a book and sell them to family, friends and coworkers. The other prizes are: a quilted wall hanging, a Christmas tree (fresh cut) and a 12" wreath with a bow. This will help greatly to improve our profit for this project. The "ladies of the church" group that has worked on it are very pleased with the results. It is a generously sized Queen quilt done in the Log Cabin block style. This quilt was originally begun well over 20 years ago by past members of the church and put aside until they go a "round-to-it." Priscilla kindly stored all the fabric and sewn blocks that were originally made. She brought up the idea of a project for the church as a fund raiser to finalize this quilt. Our group took on the project and this quilt is the happy result. A gracious thanks should be given to all who have lent time and talents both years ago, and during this past year. We have a goal of $2,000 so we can definitely use your help.

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